Learning Italian in Venice with Total Physical Singing Response

Total Physical Singing Response is a teaching method created by Michele Lenzerini, an Italian language teacher and director of “Easy Italian Language & Art” Venice School. This method come from the famous Total Physical Response created by an American teacher called Asher. Total Physical Singing response has got the purpose to make easier the memorization process, repeating phisically the actions, singing it.

T.P.S.R is used to teach verbs and their coniugations.

  1. Teacher starts to sing like a Jingle the sentences with verbs (are, ere, ire) doing the actions
  2. Students try to write even if ortography is not correct (They have to try to decodiphy the imput received)
  3. Students do the actions and sing
  4. Students receive the correct sentences and they compared with what they wrote before

For more info. or if you wanna to attend a course with T.P.S.R  contact: eilaveniceschool@gmail.com  Whatsapp: +393491657401


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